GT tutoring centre was established by knowledgeable University graduates in order to offer an academic support for all students in needs. GT tutorial is an educational centre devoted in school success for elementary, high school, college and university students. We provide personalized services for each student that include theory classes, homework support, exam preparation, summer classes and much more. We offer one-to-one and group tutoring for elementary, high school, college and university levels by experienced and professional PhD Engineering tutors every day of the week to help you succeed in your courses.

GT Tutoring’s mission was, and is, to provide an excellent personal service above and beyond the basic supply of tutors. We provide help for students in order to improve their academic results. With GT Tutorial, students will achieve their goals for the immediate and long term. Success is our priority.

The aim is to be much more than just an agency. With our experience we are well positioned to provide guidance and advice pertaining to a wide spectrum of academic levels and disciplines. We actively encourage our clients to communicate with us regarding their wants and needs. Over the years we have helped people with an extremely diverse array of subjects, spanning a broad age range from the very young to those for whom school is a distant memory!

Service has always been our driving force. We want our clients to tell their friends about our quality of service. We have always been aware that a marked increase in the volume of tuition we supply can have a detrimental effect on the quality of service received by any individual client. Making sure that we maintain an extremely high level of service is our number one priority.

In order to ensure that we consistently provide top quality tutors we are constantly interviewing potential candidates to make sure that we have an excellent portfolio of staff. All the tutors we use are interviewed and vetted by GT Tutoring; we do not use tutors unless we have met them personally. Only in this way can we be sure that our levels of service remain consistently high.

Our clients are from very diverse backgrounds. We are expert in helping clients with out-of-the-ordinary needs. This may be foreign nationals requiring help for their children whilst in Canada, particularly diplomats and business people. Or perhaps students who are currently out of school. These might be long or short term assignments.

Through a close relationship with our clients GT Tutoring aims to provide advice, support, and peace of mind and ultimately results.